CD Review: The Pursuit (Dillon Chase)

Album Title: The Pursuit

Artist: Dillon Chase

Record Label: Kingdom City Records

Rating: ***

(Ratings for books, movies, and cds are out of four stars)

When I picked up this CD at Mardel I knew I had heard the name before, and it took me a minute to put my finger on it.  After some thought though, I realized that he had contributed to 13 Letters album with the 116 Clique, rapping to the book of Philemon (one of Paul’s 13 epistles).

The CD The Pursuit is certainly good for a few songs, but I would not be able to recommend it for someone if they had never listened to this type of music before.  It has more of a gritty feel to it than perhaps Lecrae’s Rebel or Shai Linne’s Atonement, with more the feel of Tedashii’s new album (Identity Crisis).

That said the CD certainly has some good qualities.  Probably some of the better songs are “The Pursuit,” which obviously alludes to the pursuit of Christ by godly living.  Chase has a great line in this one saying, “So I serve [God] when I play with my child, He gets worship when I’m makin’ him smile.  God is glorified, when I put that work aside, to lay next to my wife and call her my beautiful bride.  Don’t get it twisted…I still share my faith,” and on it goes.

Other good tracks include “Truly Representin’ Him”, “Walk Worthy” (w/ Tedashii), “Live Holy”, and “What do You Pursue?” (w/ Sho Baraka).  The names of the tracks alone are enough to show that this man has a singular message, and one thing that cannot be denied to this music is the desire to encourage godly living and engage with a culture largely influenced by its music.

If you have listened to other rappers such as Chase, you know that these men have a great message, but I would not recommend this as someone’s first in this genre.  I may not even go so far as to say its a must have, but I do think the tracks I have listed are very good, and I would recommend at least a listen.  I certainly like it.

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~ by TSL on November 23, 2009.

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