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Always curious of the recent opinion articles in the nation’s newspapers, I came upon an article entitled “Pat Morrison asks Bobbie Kirkhard: Atheists United’s chief unbeliever” by Pat Morrison.  You can go to the article if you wish, but I’ll tell you up front, it’s worthless.  Unless you’re just dying to find an organization where you can feel welcome as an atheist, and you live in the LA area.

The sign on the left is theirs and the site is

Despite the article having absolutely zero purpose, one has to admire the religious tenacity with which these atheists promulgate their “enlightened” ideas.

The poster on the left is funny in its own right.  “No God? No Problem!” is followed by the statement “Be good for goodness’ sake” and one must immediately ask, why?  If there is no God there may in fact be a problem, for if “If God does not exist, everything is permitted.”

While [secular] humanism may in fact be “the idea that you can be good without a belief in God,” and while it may also be true that you can be a “moral” [secular] humanist, you can by no means attribute morality to humanism (or atheism).  That is, atheism has no standard, and by definition no overarching purpose.  So, while the ignorance of some may convince others that they can be good without God, they cannot account for what good is without God, nor can they give reason for adhering to that good.  Thus, No God?  Big problem!

It must be asked (especially if you are an atheist), when I see an article like this, why in the world do atheists care so much?  It can’t be because of their professed belief.  Their belief is that nothing matters in the end, it doesn’t matter what you believe, and it doesn’t matter what happens to others.  If they do have those cares it contradicts their own worldview, because the universe certainly doesn’t care.

No.  I think the answer lies in what I might call religion.  Every atheist will instantly object that their position is no faith position…”It’s based on reason!”  Of course, what that is based upon is yet to be answered.  Indeed, it can’t be answered without a divine author of it.  It’s easy to see a faith position here, they know it, and they are offended when it is challenged.  With no defense they are instantly reduced to making signs (and blog comments) with inflammatory remarks, weak arguments, and a claim to victory that is far from actually achieved.

One can pick up pretty quickly on the religious connotations used not only in this article (i.e. persecution, conversion, etc.) but on blog comments and tweets too many to count.

I cannot account for the proselytizing and religious adherence to science, reason, and Darwin that is pervasive.  It is only obvious that it exists, and that they are attempting to win converts to their side as much as any missionary.  Of course, I doubt any atheists will be found in Iraq or N.Korea, because deep down they know there is no purpose to their evangelism except their own glory…which, in an endless and purposeless universe, means ab-so-lute-ly nada.

The fool says in his heart,There is no God.‘” -Psalm 14:1


~ by TSL on December 13, 2009.

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