Abortion is not a Political Issue

00029044In the wake of the Connecticut incident, I have noticed a common and misguided sentiment which is especially troubling when espoused by professing Christians and the purportedly Pro-Life.

There have been several people to point out the glaring inconsistency between the words of our president regarding the slaughter of 20 children (with their whole lives ahead of them) and his stance toward the slaughter of thousands upon thousands before birth (who also had their whole lives ahead of them).

And there have been many people who have decried this use of the event as a platform for making this point.  “This is not the time,” say some, “weep with those who weep,” say others, and many believe that to use this event as an “opportunity” to make a political statement is just plain wrong.

This has troubled me a great deal; and to be frank, it has angered me.  This blog entry is an attempt to show you why:

1, it makes me think that these people don’t believe what they say about abortion.  That is, that they don’t truly believe that the countless babies being murdered in the womb each day are truly human (as much so as the children of Sandy Hook).  As I pointed out in my last note, we as a country have a seriously flawed outlook on things: we mourn the loss of 20 young lives (and again, rightfully so!) but we treat the thousands of lives being extinguished before they breathe their first breath as though it were not a reality.  Here is where I aim my ire at those professing to be Christians, and not unbelievers/pro-choicers; it would be one thing for a person to hold the position that it is not truly a human in the womb, and the ones at the elementary school were, then it would not seem as contradictory…although still tragically flawed.  But for someone to declare that life begins at conception, that to snuff it out is murder, and then tell others that “this is not the time” to talk about it when the double standard is staring us in the face, is ignorance.

2, it makes me think that they think abortion is a political stance.  Let me make this clear, I have tried to be very careful about making this political (despite the rabid attempts of those who are obviously seeking an opportunity to promote their “special interests”); I have attempted to shy away from the gun control issues, and whatever other issues that have been a hot topic.  This isn’t because I don’t care about these things, it is because I think that a time ought to be taken out to pray for all those whom have been affected by this evil act, to be careful about how we approach the topic, and not turn it into a political springboard.  But–as the title makes clear–abortion is NOT political, it is a moral issue, it is a wicked offense to God, and it is a crime against humanity.  Anyone who back downs in a time like this has made it a political stance, an interesting argument, and a game.

3, Jesus used opportunities such as this to point people to the right way of thinking.  It is to question the providence and purposes of God to neglect the Gospel (and God’s word) as soon as something like this happens.  Often people pray, “give me opportunities to witness to others,” and I think they assume that these “opportunities” will always be ideal, positive, and to their comfort.  What if God were to use events like this as an opportunity to witness?  What if Jesus did that exact thing, would it move us to consider how we are using the opportunities to make God’s Word known and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus?

Speaking to a crowd in Luke 13:4-5, Jesus uses what we would consider a “tragedy” in order to prompt some introspection and direct them to a higher truth:

Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them: do you think that they were worse offenders than all the others who lived in Jerusalem?  No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.

I understand that people do not want to inadvertently cause more harm than good, and that if something horrible happened to someone you wouldn’t immediately tell them to get over it and cite Romans 8:28.  I get it.  But this is not what is taking place.  Many professing Christians are buying into the mindset of our culture, that we do not want to cause any stirs, or insult, or hurt any feelings by making known the truth; this is nothing new, there is a reason that mega and liberal churches exist, no one wants to discomfort anyone or point out sin in the lives of others, we want to go on and pretend like it does not matter to God.  Then, when the whole thing has blown over, we have squandered our opportunity to point to the Gospel, the law of God, and the sanctity of human life…and it goes back to being just a political platform.


~ by TSL on December 19, 2012.

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