About The Reformed Mind

Welcome to The Reformed Mind.  This blog is administrated by Jon Norman.  It is a site dedicated to engaging the culture from a Biblical perspective.  This includes all topics within academia (i.e. Science, Philosophy, History, Art, Sociology, etc.), media, politics, and theology (orthopraxy, heresy, church, seminaries, etc).  This is all with a primary focus on U.S. culture, but is by no means limited to the U.S.

Apart from discussion this site also includes reviews of movies, books, and music both secular and religious.  In brief: It is a site subject to the whims and impulse of the author(s).  Anything deemed important, interesting, or just funny that comes to my attention, will be addressed.  Before commenting on the blog I would encourage you to read the Stipulations for Blog Comments.  Thanks.

About the Blogger:

I attend Oklahoma State University where I will shortly receive my M.A. in History (Colonial America/Reformation/Religion); I want to teach.  I have a B.A. in Sociology.

My interests include: church history (Reformation to American Puritanism), theology, reading, writing, movie watching, coffee shops, and my beautiful wife.


7 Responses to “About The Reformed Mind”

  1. Wow I see we have somethings in common

  2. My dear brother

    I have tried on three different occasions to read your “critique” of my book, Reflections of a Disenchanted Calvinist. Unfortunately, you have either elided or missed the point of my statements and therefore misrepresented my positions in each and every response you have made—at least the ones I read. This is not to mention that you have misrepresented me, and the seriousness with which I seek to struggle with the biblical perplexities and texts, inapt as you may deem me to be.

    It appears to me, that your mischaracterizations of my engagement with the Scripture are sophomoric. While they may impress some and fuel arguments about the truth, I do not believe they add one whit to arguing toward the truth. In my opinion, you have simply demonstrated once again why it is excruciatingly difficult for brothers to disagree without using obfuscating maneuvers, which holds our mutual growth in abeyance. I am assuming that you have done so unintentionally and without malice. I sense that you love God and His Word. Nevertheless, you have done damage to Calvinism, Scripture, Truth and the spiritual growth of those who read your mishandling of some very seriously nuanced positions.

    I do pray that in years to come, you will grow in your understanding of these matters, which is not to say that you are not a dedicated student of the Scripture. It is to say that we ought to be able to disagree without seeking to trivialize distinctions with a difference and/or summarily dismiss what one does not understand as being merely unnecessary philosophizing, jejune biblical knowledge or arguing emotively. I believe that a sense of our very limited knowledge (in comparison to what there is to be known about it) concerning whatever we speak about can afford us all some well needed and Christ honoring humility.


    Ronnie W Rogers

  3. […] Recently I received a comment from Pastor Rogers regarding that review that I wanted to repost here and briefly respond to, because there have been some who’ve asked if Pastor Rogers has responded to these blog posts and it may be difficult to actually find the comment (which can be found: here). […]

  4. Jon,

    Hi, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for engaging with my story. You are very insightful and clear in your responses.

    A listener sent me a link to your blog and asked that I reply, but I have made it a rule not to respond to anonymous bloggers. I notice you do not include your last name (at least I could not find it). I’m sure you may have a very good reason for doing so, but I just wanted you to know that if I am going to engage with you in a discussion we need to know each other. I have found that lends itself to a more cordial, Christlike discourse.

    If that is not something you are willing to reveal, I understand. No harm done, but I hope you understand why I cannot engage. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    • Hello, Mr. Flowers. I apologize, I guess I did remove my last name. Felt it best if I didn’t give as much info as I was giving before. Last name is Norman (I’ll put that back).

      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you taking the time; and for taking the time to write what you did about your experience. I do hope I was as cordial as possible. By the way, I noticed your blog included a little more extended version of your 5 points, hopefully that won’t be held against me (I only saw the SBCToday one).

      • I just recorded a podcast in attempt to respond to your points, and its not really working… trying to read your points myself and then respond to them is difficult to follow, tedious and probably not fun for my listeners. I’ve never done this on my podcast before, but would you be open to discussing the issues over the phone and allowing me to record it for the podcast? Not sure exactly how to do that be may be worth giving it a try if youre game?

    • I’d be fine with that. We’d have to work out some obstacles though, like work schedules, and what you’ll/we’ll want to talk about. Maybe you could email me (jon.norman@okstate.edu) and we can talk about it a little more.

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